About Me

My old home

Hello! My name is Evan, and I am a first-year student at UNBC studying Computer Science. Prior to attending UNBC I was working at a metal refinery, and have a lot of experience in the heavy industry field. As much as I enjoyed working with heavy equipment and being a part of the process that supplies millions of tons of critically important metals around the world, I wanted to switch my career path to something I found more focused on my own interests and hobbies.

The reason why I chose to attend UNBC was two-fold; I love computers and our digital world ( as well as the things we can create!) and I love Prince George! I have family up here and have enjoyed the climate greatly compared to where I used to live. I come from southern Canada and to say that it is a bit warmer down there would be an understatement!

I have yet to fully decide on where exactly I want to go with my degree, or if I want to split off from Computer Science and move on to a Software Engineering degree. For at least the first two years at UNBC, I will be moving towards a degree in either, which will afford me the time and the exposure I need to make such a significant decision.


I have a few hobbies that I spend most of my time on. From creating and playing video games, and reading fantasy novels to DIY projects and farming, I think I have a fairly diverse skill set and set of interests. The one that I am most proud of would be my interest in mechanics and working on cars.

In 2021 I suffered a collision in one of my favorite cars, a 2003 Ford Mustang. Unfortunately, the car (and myself) suffered some critical damage and had to be towed back to my home. The moment I got out of the hospital and back on my feet, I began collecting parts for the car so that I might rebuild it one day. That day came this last summer as my father and I began to rebuild the car. After a few days of long hours and buckets of bolts and sweat, we finished the car and got it back on the road again!