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  • Final Week – Final Project

    Here is my final project! Please note that I scrapped the timeline aspect of it as was mentioned in my prior post, as it really didn’t fit into the pacing of the video all too well. Hope you enjoy!

  • Week 9 – Thoughts on Topics presented

    This week we covered a few topics, ranging in breadth and complexity. We read about Gnosis and Poiesis, and we employ more of the Gnosis line of thought or conceptual/inactive lines of thought in humanities versus Poiesis which is a more active line of thought. We also discussed algorithms and biases that can come from […]

  • Week 8 – StoryMap

    Here is my StoryMap : I chose the British Colonies to base my story map on as I wanted to implement the entire globe with the application, and the topic is something that had great importance in shaping our country. I found the application itself to work perfectly and had no issues in getting everything […]

  • Week 7 – Timeline

    Here is my timeline for Week 7. For my timeline, I chose to focus on the recorded history of when famous religions were founded around the world. As a religious person myself, I find all religions to be fascinating and a good look into a people’s culture and how they view themselves. As for […]

  • Week 7 – Project Proposal

    Please find below the proposal for my Digital Humanities project.   I have decided to base my project on the literary and adapted works of J.R.R Tolkien. My objective is to study: The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and their movie counterparts. My goal is to create connections between both literary works, as well […]

  • Week 6 – Twine

    Here is a Halloween-themed story I made with Twine. Hope you enjoy it!

  • Week 5 – Voyant

    For this week’s assignment, I was tasked with creating/using a corpus and seeing what I may extract from it via a web tool called Voyant. I chose to create my own corpus, using the data from Abraham Lincoln’s first presidential address and his final presidential address. The reason why I chose to analyze these pieces […]

  • Week 4 – OCR Tech

    For this week’s assignment, I used a program called Adobe Scan to create my scanned PDF. I’ve used Adobe products before and was most familiar with how their software works, which is why I chose this specific product. I installed the app on my phone and scanned a page from my psychology textbook. Overall the […]

  • Week 3 – Adding items to Omeka

    Here I will link to the direct resource that I posted on my archive, as well as why I chose that specific object: Royalty-free image of a lake and forest ยท Archive ( This is a simple image that is of a lake and forest. I chose it because it was royalty-free and did not […]

  • Reflection on installing Omeka

    Having just completed my installation of Omeka, here is my reflection on the process. Omeka, at least through the tools that CPanel employs, is a very easy-to-use and set-up tool. All I had to do really was click on its icon, click install, change a title or two and let the server install it into […]