Reflection on installing Omeka

Having just completed my installation of Omeka, here is my reflection on the process.

Omeka, at least through the tools that CPanel employs, is a very easy-to-use and set-up tool. All I had to do really was click on its icon, click install, change a title or two and let the server install it into my website. The only issue I had with it is that I created a separate subdomain for it, but mistakenly let Omeka install into its default subdomain. I tried to change it back over to my other subdomain, however, I ended up liking the new directory for it more, so I decided to keep it as it was.

The photos I chose to upload were photos I already had on my phone. They were pictures that I took from the area I previously lived. I don’t have any spectacular photos of Prince George (yet) and thus I thought that these would serve the intended purpose of this exercise just as well.

The website I found that uses Omeka is Gothic Past. It’s a website dedicated to gothic architecture and sculpture in Ireland. The reason why I chose this specific site can be broken down into 2 reasons:

  1. I would like to visit Ireland one day and is where some of my family is from
  2. I like gothic architecture and find it not only beautiful and unique but quite unlike anything that we build in our modern world.

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