Week 3 – Adding items to Omeka

Here I will link to the direct resource that I posted on my archive, as well as why I chose that specific object:

  1. Royalty-free image of a lake and forest · Archive (evanmdigitalhumanities.ca) This is a simple image that is of a lake and forest. I chose it because it was royalty-free and did not have any of those copyrighted prints overtop of the image.
  2. Moving Clouds – Timelapse over the bay · Archive (evanmdigitalhumanities.ca) This is a short video that is a timelapse of some clouds moving over a bay. It was easy to access which was the main reason I chose this resource. I also really enjoy these kinds of views and have taken videos/photos of them before.
  3. Cows Eating Grass · Archive (evanmdigitalhumanities.ca) This short video is just a stock video of cows eating grass. The reason why I chose this is that I grew up near cows, and it reminded me of home.
  4. Retro Game Over · Archive (evanmdigitalhumanities.ca) This is a short sound file. I originally downloaded it in a .wav format and had to convert it using a website to get it into the requested .mp3 format. I chose this as I love gaming and have made my own retro games before.
  5. Rain and Thunder · Archive (evanmdigitalhumanities.ca) This is another short sound file. Like the previous sound file, I downloaded it in a .wav format and converted it to a .mp3. The reason why I chose this sound is that I find rain and thunder to be soothing noises.

I marked all of these files with the relevant metadata. The reasoning behind the wording I chose for the metadata was that I wanted to be as analytical as possible. I chose short, concise wording and filled out each category as best I could with the information that I had access to. If I had used images/videos I had created myself, I could have added a few more points in some areas, but overall, I feel that the idea is represented just as well with the assets I found online. I also think that these files better represent myself than anything I would have made as I tried to relate them directly to my own experiences or personality.

Overall, I found this to be an easy exercise with no issues.

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