Week 4 – OCR Tech

For this week’s assignment, I used a program called Adobe Scan to create my scanned PDF. I’ve used Adobe products before and was most familiar with how their software works, which is why I chose this specific product.

I installed the app on my phone and scanned a page from my psychology textbook. Overall the entire process was simple, and easy and took me only a minute or two to complete.

I used OCR tech in the past for school as well as work. I find it super useful when you need to scan something and send it off to someone. I generally don’t use it often, as the only time I find that I would need to copy large amounts of text, a quick photo is the most appropriate solution as opposed to loading up an app and waiting for it to scan what I am looking at. That being said, it can be very useful if one did need to digitize text for whatever reason. My work is typically already digitized, thus my need for this kind of software is diminished.

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